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My whole life is about drawing, knitting, crocheting, sewing, designing and creating with passion and love. This is the way of expressing myself.
It feels like a boomerang. I began my work life when I was 17 first as a quality checker in a big textile factory in Turkey. Then I became a textile designer in a famous and international company where I learnt the ins and outs of being a designer. I then established a designing business for an organisation and employed and trained 15 people to become designers. This achievement encouraged me to have my own designing organisation I found and owned for 6 years before moving to the UK. Totaling 12 years I ate, drank, slept design and creativity.
My UK life gave me my two beautiful daughters which I would not change for the world. My youngest daughter's medical condition led me to study towards a degree and work with children with special needs than with children in early years and then primary school-age children. I spent 14 years in education. I loved every second of it. But I was always dreaming of going back to being creative. I actually was using my creativity at school, but I wanted to do it as my prime job again!
Meanwhile, I studied and worked as a quality assurer within vocational education. This gave me an eye to see fine details; I use to create high-quality arts and crafts.
And then... reborn with my origin. I am now doing what I was born for.
Because I love what I do, you can see the effects of my passion and attention to detail on my products. They are all unique and created with respect. I use top-end materials to work on, ensuring durability, quality and creativity.
I must love the end result before offering it to your eyes. I am sure you will find something you like. If not, then contact me.
I sell finished products here and on a few well known online selling platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

Thank you for reading the snapshot of my life story

Asli Akkoyunoglu