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Silver Long Necklace , Hippie Boho Necklace , Bohemian Statement Necklace , Unique Tribal Necklace , Antique Silver Coin Necklace

Bohemian Long Antique Silver Necklace

  • Silver Long Necklace, Hippie Boho Necklace, Bohemian Statement Necklace, Unique Tribal Necklace, Antique Silver Coin Necklace

    NICKEL FREE: Silver plated boho & bohemian style coin necklace contains non of any allergic substance. The raw material of unique statement necklace is bronze and 7-micron antique silver plated

    ADJUSTABLE: The tribal long necklace fits all. You can adjust the length with the chain at the end of the hippie silver necklace

    Manufactured with superior craftmanship and does not tarnish. So please do not compare with the items produced with low-quality craftsmanship and raw materials

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