Creating beautiful homes and offices with this excellent Handmade Macrame plant hanger with large wooden beads. 
Handmade with premium quality 100% twisted natural cotton cord 3-4mm. Decorated with natural wood beads. Hung from the natural wood ring.  Add a touch of tranquillity to any wall of your desire with this beautiful wall decoration made with a very high-quality cotton cord. Each handmade spiral draws you into the delicate plant pot you choose to showcase, while also elaborating on the intricacy of your plant.




W: 8cm

H: 65cm




Please note that as this is a handmade item, some aspects such as size and pattern may vary slightly.

Diamond pattern macrame small plant hanger

  • This beautiful wall decoration is made with very high-quality cotton. 

    The item is handmade, so small variations in sizes may occur. Wood shelves, rods and other accessories that come with bought items may have different looks and slight colour differences from the