Handmade macrame candle holder, vase, lantern, storage jar dressings in different sizes and in different colours.

The listing is for the dressing only. Jars or candles are not included. 

To maintain fringing please brush through with a comb or small brush.

This lovely handmade home decoration is knotted with high-quality cotton macrame yarn. 




W: 8 cm circumference 

H: 18 cm



W: 8 cm circumference

H: 15 cm



Please note that as this is a handmade item, some aspects such as size and pattern may vary slightly. 

*Teal and Coral's colour items are to show the colour only. If you want to purchase these items please visit the store homepage.

Thank you

Macramé Candle Holder, Vase, Lantern, Jar Dressing